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Advice from Garland Movers for your relocation

Apartment moving is a process that many people have to experience, and a moving company in Garland can provide the necessary service.

Regardless of the reason for the move, you will have to try hard to make everything go smoothly, without losses and nervous breakdowns, as well as with minimal financial costs. Advice from Garland movers will help you organize and plan everything correctly with minimal resource demands.

Options for organizing a relocation and movers Garland, TX

The first thing that should be decided by the person who plans to transport all the property is who will organize and carry out all the work. There are several options for solving this problem:

  • Cooperation with a Garland moving company that provides turnkey apartment moving services, from packing things and disassembling furniture to garbage removal from a new apartment after disassembling all the boxes.
  • Engaging professional loaders and transport of a moving company Garland, TX.
  • On your own, also enlisting the support of friends or relatives, without the help of Garland moving services.

You should choose based on your capabilities and preferences. If a person is not limited in finances, it is better to entrust the transportation of all things to Garland movers and thereby save one’s nerves, effort, and time.

Preliminary preparation for the move: Advice from movers Garland, TX

If you have decided to relocate on your own, you will need to start preparing for the move in advance and foresee some details a week or two before the chosen day. Namely:

  1. Select a date. It is best to move during the day on weekdays because, at this time, there are few traffic jams. You do not need to plan anything for this day, except for transportation, as the move can take the whole day according to the experience of movers in Garland.
  2. Find a truck that will fit all the furniture, appliances, and personal items. With the driver or a representative of the Garland moving company, agree on the time of arrival, the duration of the rental, and payment.
  3. It is worth buying boxes, bags, adhesive tape, bubble wrap, and stretch film in advance. All this will be necessary to carefully pack all things and transport them to a new place of residence. Garland moving service usually provides these items.
  4. Do not forget to buy a marker or stickers for marking boxes and packages. This is a trick of home movers Garland that will help to quickly disassemble everything in a new place. On each box, you can write the place and the group of items that are inside.
  5. If you do not hire movers in Garland, TX, prepare a tool for disassembling large furniture and turning off household appliances. This will help to quickly take out everything from the apartment for loading into the car on the day of the move.
  6. Start putting things together in advance by yourself or with the help of moving services Garland TX.
  7. Think about whom you will entrust children and animals to on the day of the move so that they do not interfere with the process or turn to Garland moving help to solve this issue.

It will not be superfluous to draw up a plan together with commercial movers Garland, TX, for arranging furniture and boxes in a new place so that when you bring things into the apartment, you can immediately sort them into rooms.

What to do on a moving day according to a moving company Garland

When the day of the planned move comes, many people start to worry and panic, thereby aggravating the situation and complicating the entire process. According to movers Garland, you need to act quickly but thoughtfully, and everything will pass without unnecessary stress. Do the following:

  • Have breakfast; prepare a minimal snack and water with you if you go far.
  • Disassemble furniture that won't fit through doorways and stairwells together with movers in Garland, Texas, or on your own.
  • Keep documents and jewelry with you in your bag; do not leave them in the cargo compartment of the transport or unattended near the entrance.
  • Everything that is needed first of all in a new place should be loaded into the car of movers Garland, Texas, at the last moment since these things will be unloaded first.
  • Take care of fixing household appliances and furniture in the car together with local movers Garland, TX. This will prevent them from being damaged while driving.
  • Return to your apartment and make sure all personal items are taken away.
  • When Garland, TX, movers bring things into a new room, it is worth observing the principle of labeling, so that later, you do not rearrange furniture and boxes.

When all things are brought into the apartment, check the car of apartment movers Garland, TX, flights of stairs, and the elevator so that nothing is left there and, at a calm pace, proceed to move furniture and dismantle boxes.

Keep in mind that a reliable moving company in Garland, TX, can also provide this type of service, thus saving your time. If you are in a hurry or would like to avoid panic and stress during relocation, turn to professional residential movers Garland, TX, and enjoy their help.

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      When we are on the way, we will give you a call ahead to let you know that we are coming. Upon arrival, we will check with you the most convenient and safe way to park the truck.

      If you live in the apartment complex/building, the best idea is to check with the management on what policy or preference they have for the moving trucks to park.

      • Some buildings have loading docks, some don’t.
      • If there is an elevator, you might want to reserve it for an appointed time at the front desk ahead of time.

      As soon as the parking situation is settled, we do a walkthrough to see what needs:

      • to be moved and what is staying or going on a curb
      • if there is anything that needs to be packed or organized

      Some people are more prepared, some are less. We don't mind either way and we will get it done no matter what, that’s our job!

      Check out our packing guide in order to get your belongings organized correctly and save on your final bill!

      Wrapping/Loading the truck
      Wrapping/Loading the truck

      After the walk-through is done, the foreman will sign the contract with you.

      Аnd then we will bring all the necessary materials and equipment to wrap the furniture, pack your belongings and start loading the truck.

      Normally the process goes simultaneously. While one of the guys will be protecting your delicate furniture with blankets, another guy might be busy with bringing the boxes to the truck or disassembling the bed frame.

      We always come up with the most efficient way to get everything done as fast and safe as possible!

      Check out our gallery with photo examples of the way we wrap various furniture pieces from nightstands to large armoires and china cabinets!

      Also our crews are well trained when it comes to stacking, securing and strapping everything correctly in the truck.

      We are 😎 good at puzzles 🧩 and we love playing tetris when it comes to fitting everything in one load!


      When all your belongings are in the truck, we will do the second walk-through to make sure nothing is left behind, and we got everything you need loaded.

      After that the driver will figure the best truck route to get to the drop off location, and he will let you know what time the crew will meet you over there.

      If we need to make a stop, we will let you know ahead!

      We do deduct the time for lunch break if we take one.

      At the destination
      At the destination

      As soon as we arrive at the destination, we again figure out the best way to park, and immediately start unloading.

      We do re-assemble all the furniture we personally disassembled previously and we do not charge any extra for that!

      After we take off all the blankets and get our equipment back to the truck, we stop the clock.

      Then we accept the payment, get your final signature and leave you the receipt.

      You may pay with cash or card. In some cases we do have other payment options available as well, feel free to ask!

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      Individual approach

      We come up with an individual approach to every single move we do. Considering all the circumstances, we develop a certain system of how we are going to make it done in the most efficient and safe way.

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      Be that a delicate antique table or fragile china cabinet, marble top or a glass cabinet - we will take care of it! Check out our gallery, and you will be amazed with our wrapping skills!

      We protect your furniture well photo №1
      We protect your furniture well photo №2

      We do know how to stack the stuff in the truck correctly and safely, and we are TETRIS professionals when it comes to fitting everything in one load! All your belongings will be strapped properly to prevent any damages during the traveling.


      A lot of people are asking if we can take apart the beds or a dining table or unhook the washer and dryer, and how much would it cost. YES, we do all of that! We will dismantle the beds, and also put them back together at your new place. And there is no extra price for that!


      We got hundreds of full packing jobs behind us and tons of experience packing your belongings into our boxes. Be that kitchenware or closet clothes or expensive electronics,

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      How we work
      Full Packing Services
      Let us make your move even easier with our full home packing services.
      Our packing rates are the same as our hourly rates for moving. We like to keep it simple and keep it consistent. Flat Rate service available for full house moving.

      For all pack jobs we do require an onsite estimate so we can make sure we provide you with an accurate quote.

      Packing materials

      Our experienced movers will have all necessary packing materials to pack up everything - with the utmost care from the attic to the basement.

      How we work
      Find answers and general information
      A list of frequently asked questions to help you understand how it works.
      What is the travel time fee?

      It is basically a flat fee for the time to get to your pick-up location and then get back to our office after the job is done.

      Is there an extra fee for disassembling and reassembling the furniture?

      No, there is no extra fee for that service, and there shouldn’t be.

      Do you provide packing service?

      Yes, we do. However, we do charge for the materials we use.

      Is there an extra charge for stairs?

      No, such things as stairs or long carry included in the rate.

      Do you charge for tape or shrink wrap?

      We do not. It is included in the rate.

      What if I request more movers? How much is it for an extra guy?

      Normally we do bring enough guys for your particular move as we know what it takes to get things done. However, upon your request we may bring more guys. Each extra mover will cost you $40/hour.

      What if I need a second truck? How much does it cost?

      Each additional truck will cost $50/hour

      Do you disconnect/connect washers and dryers?

      Yes, we do, but under your responsibility. The water must be shut off, the rest we will do ourselves.

      Do you move pianos/grand pianos?

      Yes, we do from ground floor to ground floor, or if there is an elevator and no steps on the way to the truck. We move not only pianos, but also gun safes, large heavy toolboxes, etc. However there is a charge for such items to be moved. It is a $150 flat fee per item.

      What can I do to reduce the cost of my move? How can I help my movers?

      The best thing you can do to help is to organize as much as possible. This prevents extending the time of your move. You may leave the furniture for us to deal with, but organizing your smaller items and miscellaneous loose stuff will help to make the move go faster. Here are some tips on how to reduce the time of your move and therefore the cost of your bill:d first and which is last.

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